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GLOW is a free service
to the general community,
as well as teachers and
students of German.Search/update the GLOW 
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German programs of all types,
tutors and translators.Contribute to the GLOW
database by adding yourself
or your German-related 
education program.


GLOW (German Learning Opportunities Website) at  www.LearnGerman.US, was the 2003 initiative of the Southern California Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German.  It is both an interactive data base registry of all types of German programs and the first ongoing census of German teachers and students ever developed. 

EVERY person who teaches German at any level or in any type of program (public and private schools, colleges, universities, Saturday schools, for-profits, camps, summer programs, and even children’s play groups) may register for no charge his or her program at www.LearnGerman.US

Private tutors and translators, as well as Job Seekers, are also encouraged to advertise their services through GLOW.

Registration takes less than five minutes.  The submitter does not need to be a member of the American Association of Teachers of German..  The submitter questionnaire solicits required basic information..  However, to reach more potential students, add information in the Comment.  Once “Submit” is clicked, it is sent to a volunteer who enters the information into GLOW’s database.

INTERACTIVE SEARCH FUNCTION:  The Registry user creates a personalized list of programs, according to need.  For example, here are some of the lists, which can be easily generated by indicating one or more categories in the available search windows.

1.      All programs (or a specific type of program, such as community college) registered

2.      Programs (or a specific type of program) in a particular city or state, or by its proximity to a given zip code.

3.      Information about a particular institution.

4.      Institutional location of a particular teacher

GLOW serves the  United States, but foreign entries are welcome.  Note:  The zip code search does not function outside the U.S.

Information is the sole responsibility of the institutional submitter. We reserve the right to modify or remove any information provided.

Institutional submitters can easily update the information at any time by modifying the information and resubmitting it.  The date of last modification is given for each institution.

The project, conceived by Dr. Cecilia Cloughly and programmed by Charles Cloughly, meets a need of the German-teaching profession and prospective students. Before GLOW, potential students looking for German programs had no resource except word-of-mouth or blind telephoning to locate a program appropriate for their needs.  For example, the Goethe Institutes receive daily inquiries about available German programs, but their  staffs had, before GLOW, only a limited list of German programs.  With GLOW, there is—for the first time—a much more complete registry available to all on the Web. 

Although GLOW was originally a project of the Southern California Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG-SC), www.LearnGerman.US has become a national project reaching out beyond the AATG and its chapters. The committee that developed this project included Helene Zimmer-Loew, Executive Director of the AATG, Donna Van Handle, AATG National President, Richard Brod, and Doris Demmel of the Goethe Institute in San Francisco. Heinz Kohlmeier, German Language Specialist at the Los Angeles German Consulate, has made significant contributions.  Several American and German agencies, including the General Administration for Schools Abroad in Cologne (
Die Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen of the Bundesverwaltungsamt), support GLOW.  We welcome your suggestions for improving the site!

Our "GLOW GUY" logo welcomes the prospective German language student;  his legs symbolize the bridge of communication between cultures.  It was designed by professional graphic artist and designer Edward Hill, who works in Orange County (cali_artist@yahoo.com).

Contribute to the national registry and ongoing census by registering your program today!