Learn about the German
Language Opportunities
GLOW is a free service
to the general community,
as well as teachers and
students of German.Search/update the GLOW 
database of about 10,000 
German programs of all types,
tutors and translators.Contribute to the GLOW
database by adding yourself
or your German-related 
education program.

Overview of GLOW (German Learning Opportunities Website) at www.LearnGerman.US:

  • An interactive national database registry of German programs of all types
    Search by institution, location, type of program, and individual teacher for a personalized list tailored to individual needs.
  • Free to both institutions and prospective students
  • First ongoing census of German ever developed

How it works:

  • Created and maintained by the Southern California Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German
  • EVERY person who teaches or translates German may register their program at no cost at www.LearnGerman.US
  • Submitter does not need to be a member of the American Association of Teachers of German, nor be located in California
  • Registration of required information takes less than five minutes
  • Specific information about classes is optional, but to reach more potential students, feel free to provide as much information as possible
  • The submitter of information is responsible for its content and may update it at any time.